WEEK 5-Reading-Xiaowen

This article is discussing cumulative selection as a nonrandom process in designing a complex final product from a simple original point.
This is an example of pebbly beach. The arrangement of pebbles seems randomly, but actually they are placed in zones with logic. Then another example further explains one existing item will influence the select process by its own attribute.
The process of how cumulative selection becomes more and more accurate to the result we expect and make more sense.
The cumulative selection is different with single-step, it will repeat the process again and again.
The author plan to use this program to draw picture. He wants them to emerge solely as a result of cumulative selection of random mutations.
Then the calculate process is like a growing tree. The tree structure looks complex, but it is actually grow from the main with simple basic branching rule.
Gene in the computer program. Same as Grasshopper to generate many different results.

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