Week 3 Readings+Videos – Xinyu Xie

Reading: Kevin Kelly, “In The Library of Form” in Out of Control

The logic of finding a book in the hexagonal library is like reading a data flow. In order not to get lost, we need to interpret the symbols that seem meaningless and link them together to find the grammar of the data to understand the meaning of a entire data flow.

The methods described here are like the iterative process of continuously generating and re-selecting data, such as the use of “Grafted” and “itemize” in Grasshopper, and the data is constantly iteratively expanding.

Data has evolved into incredible new results like biological genes. Just like the huge data network formed by the connection of different data trees, a small change will produce a butterfly effect.

Once the data network is formed, simple elements will produce many complex results after the computation.

It is an interesting expression to describe the matching and transformation of different branches of data as sex, which is similar to the understanding of biological genetics in the previous article.

Discuss the copyright issues with the art of data breeding. Should it be a copyright for the entire computing data rather than the result of the computation?

Parametric Truss Video

Part 1+2
Part 3
When I edit the offset distance, the number have to be negative to work. It’s different from the videos. And I can not tell why and solve this.
Part 4
It seems that my curves can not merge and join well to form the trim surfaces. How can I fix this?
Part 6
My computer fail to calculate the result. But this part I get lost because of the domain.

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