Week 3_Reading & 3D Printing Research Cont. _ Qingan Zhang

Reading: Kevin Kelly-Chapter 14: In the Library of Form

An Outing to the Universal Library
The author believed that through an efficient method, one could be guided to the “center of coherence” of the chaos. The author also paralleled a university library to something finite and catalogued. This reminds me of the reading of “On the Spline” that the reason people pursue curvilinear design is because that they crave for something perfect and infinite. In this case, Borges’s Library represented that infiniteness. Yet even in this case, the method is still buried deep down in its core.
The Space of All Possible Pictures
In this article, it suggests that evolution, especially in both cases of the CM5 and Borges’s Library, a consequential series of deriving generations, is a result of a chain of selections. This is what we’ve been learning from GH, we set the initiative form (point, curve, surface, etc.) or let the algorithm generates one, then select the best command to operate.
Travels in Biomorph Land
GH is just like a constrained, engineering process. This alternative way of perceiving the method of arrangement in Borges’s case of place by place rather than shelf by shelf, providing a more macro perspective in problem solving. Ultimately, they are all cohesive and sequential processes.
Harnessing the Mutator
This article specifically points out that the tendency of design, as what the author believes, is to move beyond the preconceived notion about the nature. Our mother nature is not the golden rule to follow forever. The wildest and the most leading design ideas always come out to break the settled down rules.
Sex in the Library
The idea of sex was genuinely new to me. Controlling in-betweener offspring reminded me of using number slides to control different variables. However, the image of outsider offspring was still a bit vague to me. I’d assume it was more like an extreme condition when one of the number sliders had zero control over the outcome.
Breeding Art Masterpieces in Three Easy Steps
Apparently people loved uncontrolled outcomes that were generated by a controlled algorithm. However, the aesthetics value I think is still questionable because how we would define the beauty and to what extend would the outcomes fit into that category. Meanwhile, if the outcome was free from control, how would the spirit of the design retain its existence? Or would it still matter by that time at all?
Tunneling through Randomness
The importance here is evolution. Design process in general is evolved. Apparently, GH is a completed image of the evolved process of evolution.

3D Printing

3D Printing Material
3D Printing Material
3D Printing Basics
3D Printing Basics
3D Printing Basics
Some Information about 3D Printing Lead Time

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