Week 3 Parametric Truss Notes

Process: Create Surface => Subdivide and Create Triangular Surfaces => Offset and Fillet to Get Boundary Curves

testing surface

  • useful to create a simple surface as a testing surface before connecting the real surface in the final step to save processing time
  • Isotrim to get a list of subdivided surfaces from one large surface

truss graft and flatten.jpg

  • grafted curve because otherwise 4 curves would have been created because of 2 different planes created from Plane 3Pt
  • flattened curve because need 1 list of curves

Rendering w Materials:

  • truss pt4 finished.jpgDisplay-> Preview-> Custom Preview
  • Colour Swatch
  • Create Material


Offset by Area

truss by area.jpg

Bounds to give a Domain between min and max values

Remap Numbers takes values within source domain and scale them to fit into target domain

Question: unresolved planar surfaces after switching to offsetting by area

truss question.jpg


Visualizing Different Area

color by area.jpg


Offset by Distance to Attractor Point


  • Reparameterize to bring the surface domain down to 0-1 domain on the slider

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