Week 1 Notes Meichen Wei

Reading : Grasshopper Primer ‘0.1, 0.2, 1.1, 1.2′

– GH was invented trying to develop Rhino’s history tree more explicitly to editing in detail and empowered the user to develop logical sequences beyond the existing capabilities of Rhino’s built in features

-The geometry preview we see is a lightweight representation of the solution and it automatically updates.

-Algorithms are step by step procedures designed to perform an operation.

-You use Grasshopper to design algorithms that then automate tasks in Rhino3D.

-An easy way to get started if you are unclear how to perform a specific operation in Grasshopper would be to try manually and incrementally creating an algorithm using Rhino commands.


  • File-> Preference to adjust settings


Author: set personal metadata which will be stored with each GH document

Display: fine grain control over the look and feel of the interface

Files: specify things like how often and where to store automatically saved file

Solver: manage core and third-party plugins

  • Alt+Tab to quickly switch between any open Grasshopper documents


MODE LAB Parametric Design Fundamentals

  • Parametric: when expressing explicitly a set of quantities, the variables that expressions are in terms of independent are known as “parameters
  • Parameters are meaningful properties of design; add definition and boundary to design
  • Parametric design results are explicit
  • Parametric principles

parametric principles.jpg

  • Modeling tools: 3ds Max, Maya, Revit, Fusion 360, DesignScript, Vasari, Dynamo, GH…


Mode Lab Intro to GH


Untitled.jpg           changes of parameter => changes of overall form

  • PARAMETERS, instead of shape, is defined
  • process is EXPLICIT so a clear understanding of the geometry and how to model it is important


syntax based (code) vs. node based (GH), GH is a visual programming tool



Container takes element from Rhino to be used

Constructor define an element (eg. in the pt constructor, move mouse to input and right click to set #, or use # slider alternatively)

Save both 3dm and gh files and reopen to maintain relation



new-pt.jpgwhy new pt.jpgmoving a parent object in GH creates a new object bc. cannot define the geometry to move AND define the geometry as the end point (yellow)

name-a-box.jpgname a box.jpg

Do this by selecting the box, then go to Edit -> Group => a white box, then right click on white box to lable

creating a list.jpg

Creating a list: Params ->Input -> Panel and connecting an out put to the Panel to see list

data matching.jpg

three kinds of data matching in GH


Sets-> Sequence -> Range

range and domain.jpgrange and domain

create pt w/ coordinates: Vector -> Point -> Point XYZ

sin x.jpg

Maths -> Trigs -> Sine

Enable vs. Preview: turning off Enable breaks off the entire tree’s preview whereas turning preview off allows related parameters to still be viewable


spiral.jpgVector-> Point -> Point Polar 

Maths-> Util -> Golden Ratio

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