Alona Yanshina – 3D Printing Research

3D Printing Demo

3D Print Material Options


  • Also called Sandstone / Rainbow ceramics / Multicolor
  • Rigid & delicate. Made from powder
  • Naturally white, but you can get it with colors


  • Rigid & delicate
  • First ceramic is printed then surface is glazed


  • Strongest material
  • Direct metal laser sintering


  • Strong materials
  • Made from wax and then casted


  • Very strong material
  • Made with multiple steps or from powder directly
  • Coloring options like gold and bronze plating

RESIN: (Multiple options)

  • Also called White-, Black-, Transparent detail / White detail resin / High detail-, Transparent-, Paintable Resin
  • Rigid and a bit delicate
  • Liquid Photopolymer cured with UV light
  • White, black & transparent most typical colors

NYLON: (Polyamide)

  • Strong and flexible plastic
  • Naturally white, but you can get it colored
  • Made from powder
  • Alumide = Polyamide + Aluminum

Pratt 3D Print Lab

LOCATION: Engineering Building, 2nd Floor, Room 211

HOURS OF OPERATION: 7 days, 8:30 AM- Midnight, summer schedule subject to change

PHONE: 718.230.5735

  • 48-72 hour turnaround for 3D printed parts and 3D scans during the semester.
  • Leave extra time for post-processing after it leaves the printer.
  • Prints undergo cleaning before you can pick them up.
  • Print time will also depend on the size of your print and how much support
    material it needs.
  • Naming Your File:
  • File Types:
    .STL or .OBJ format.
  • Multiple Parts:
    Please submit multiple parts as separate .STL files.


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