Week 2 – GH Primer 1.3-1.4 & 3d Printing Research

Tiffany Pun

GH Primer 1.3-1.4

Screenshot 2017-09-18 15.27.03Screenshot 2017-09-18 15.26.35.pngScreenshot 2017-10-02 13.47.02Screenshot 2017-09-18 15.24.33Screenshot 2017-10-02 13.45.51



3D printing makes physical objects by adding material together layer-by-layer. Compared to traditional subtraction, molding, or casting manufacturing methods, 3D printing has several unique advantages:


With 3D printing, complex geometries are free. Material and machine time are the only tangible costs, so stop worrying about how something will be made, just design it! 3D printing provides a virtually infinite design space, giving you the ability to create things that are literally not possible to manufacture any other way.


3D printers accept digital 3D design files and turn them into physical 3D objects. Because they don’t require any initial tooling or molds for production, every object you 3D print with us can be completely unique. Imagine your next production run where every product is made for the customer who ordered it. Now that’s game changing.


3D printers read in digital 3D design files, convert them to machine code called toolpath, and print them out. This process makes it easy to print, test, and iterate on your designs. In our world it’s called “agile manufacturing”, meaning there is little upfront time and effort required for each new item we produce. This makes 3D printing ideal for projects with tight deadlines or designs that will change often.

Source: Voodoo Manufacturing

FDM Printing Set up & Process:



A wide range of materials are available in various properties and colors.


FDM printers can even be used to extrude paste like materials such as clay or chocolate


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