Week 1 Primers & Tutorials

MODELAB Parametric Design Fundamentals

This video introduced the basic ideas of Parametric Design.  What I particularly found interesting was the way he spoke of parameters not only in mathematical terms, but also in practical ones such as environment, program and budget, framing the ideas in a much more accessible way to someone unfamiliar with algorithmic design.

MODELAB Intro to Grasshopper

This video delves into Grasshopper itself.  I think that it did a good job of laying down the foundations and logic of the program as well as showing some of what’s possible.  However, the later videos, which largely made use of the “maths” section over geometries or surfaces lost me a bit.

Grasshopper Primer 1.1 & 1.2

I particularly like this reading, as I think it does a great job of illustrating the information it’s putting forth.  The fully labeled diagrams are particularly helpful, and the first two sections do well to explain the basics.

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