Research & Inspiration

Anna Dobrek & Mateusz Wojcicki’s experimental project titled Custore, is a parametric designed pavilion, created using Grasshopper and Rhino software.


Parameters included the pavilion’s size, type or material and density of application. The only non-digital elements were 8 hand-drawn sections defining the interior of the shell.These drawings were integrated within the parametric design.



To fabricate the profiles of the pavillion, a CNC machine was used, milling the parts for assembly.


Location: Warsaw, Poland

Client: Circus Digitalis

Area: 19.8m2

Year of Project: 2012

Year of Completion: 2013


Alison Furuto. “Custore Pavilion / Anna Dobek + Mateusz Wojcicki” 10 May 2013. ArchDaily. Accessed 10 Sep 2017. <;

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