‘Good Design’

I could say a million things about Dawkins’ take on religion but I’m gonna contain myself and rather share this passage of the ‘Good Design’ chapter that made me smile.

First of all, I 100% agree that us humans are blinded by our vanity and tend to make everything about ourselves – thus my ‘hello world’ post on this blog –

But other than this, I think this fragment can also be related to what we’ve been working on in class. Think about it. One unique grasshopper definition that can create multiple possibilities. As Dawkins puts it, Seeing, hearing and smelling all are a respond to a connection of nerves in our bodies – in the same way that our grasshopper definition is a connection of components with certain inputs. And similar to how our brain uses ‘different internal models’ that makes the experience of seeing, smelling and hearing so different; It also only takes minor changes in our definition to create vast differences in the model. After all, it’s all just information being used.



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