Tom + Jamel + Process

Project 2 Process



We chose this site in Steuben because the window allows large amounts of light to pass through reflecting on the walls creating glare and shadows. It makes the adjacent wall hard to pin up on so we decided to use it as a feature wall to create image with shadow through some sort of parametric membrane.

From this, we drew inspiration from the view out of the window. We want to be able to control the light but also celebrate the prevalence of nature seen through this window.


We started looking for inspiration on light filtering membranes that use undulating surfaces and also membranes that work with shadow on walls since we have the adjacent wall.


We decided to take something like this that has surface articulation and opening to create our version. In addition we change the shape of the aperture sizes to manipulate the amount of light that passes through certain areas of the membrane.

For our surface we mapped the image of a tree which resulted in a surface that took on that shape.



To achieve the apertures we utilized voronoi patterns on both the undulating surface and a flat surface with the same orientation and loft the edges from each surface to the next.



Next we scale the voronoi to create cells responsive to the attractors we use to control the lighting. These cells create surfaces at the end of the extrusions with varying aperture sizes



-Tom and Jamel


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