• Light Filtering
  • Pattern Projection
  • Window Treatment
  • For Use In Dark Sites with Window as a source of light
  • Aperture
  • Ambiance Creation



Day 61 Sullington Church Richard Evea (I like the color project on the wall with light)




Louvre by Jean Nouvel in Abu Dhabi (I like how the membrane becomes part of the architecture of the space)


Thermal Baths of San Pellegrino by Dominique Perrault Architecture (The membrane becomes the window)


Threshold Cemetery Sculpture by Frances Nelson and Bradley Gunn (The aperture in the sculpture creates illusions as it is traveled)

Possible Prototype


This design uses attractor points to affect scale and distance from the native surface. The polygons at each centroid are meant to be lofted with the edges of the surface panels. The loft function did not work, I need to find out why.


-Jamel Williams

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