w_03 | GH Primer 1.3 + 1.4



After reproducing the Attractors example in the Grasshopper Primer, I realized my output was not the same as the downloadable example. The GH window on image above shows my reproduction (top) and the original definition (bottom) – both identical, including the input values, but the rendered outputs are different. Below is the original render:


My definition does work as an attractor, which can be seen after by modifying my definition’s input values (Cell Radius, # of Cells, and Offset Distance). It seems as if the “strength of the magnet/attractor” is not as strong as the original example. What did I do differently that changed the output? Can I add a magnitude to the vector list to increase the dramatic effect of the changes in diameter of the circles?



Reproducing the example resulted in identical rendered outputs


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