p_01 | 3D Printing Research


$9.00 per part, $0.10 per surface area cm2. Ships in 10 business days (must take shipping time into account)

Max volume 125 × 125 × 200 mm. Min volume 40 × 40 × 10 mm. Minimum wall and wire thickness 3mm (max 50 mm)

Porcelain is strong enough for thin walls, but the tight mold cavities that create thin walls are difficult to clean. 5mm is recommended, but walls as thin as 3mm are possible with some geometries. As geometry becomes larger and more complex (i.e. holes and wires) we recommend thickening walls to increase our ability to generate a castable mold

Clearance 3mm, Minimum detail is 1mm, no interlocking parts

Models must be able to stand on their own: Models must be able to stand on their own during firing in the kiln. Any surface touching the floor of the kiln will be left unglazed. It is best to have a defined or flat surface that will not roll or move through normal use.

Standard finishes (gloss white, gloss red, matte black, celadon green) and premium finishes (gloss oribe green, gloss black, cobalt blue, gloss blue)

…creative textures, surfaces and geometry while providing a strong material with low shrinkage. Porcelain is food, dishwasher and oven safe.


Offered by Shapeways. Ships in 15 business days. Expensive to print. Reconsider metallic plastic.


3D Hubs connects the designer with different 3D printing services. Most offer FDM printing in varying resolutions (Makerbots, uPrints, etc) in ABS or PLA. The higher the resolution, the more expensive the part and the longer it takes to be shipped. Some services offer in-person pick up. Printing time also depends on how busy the 3D printers are; mostly take more than 5 business days to ship the finalized part in plastic. Vero Clear: transparent plastic, 7 days to ship

Shapeways uses SLS for their Strong and Flexible Plastic (fuses nylon powder layer by layer). Shipping time depends on color and size of material. Generally from 4 to 10 business days for Strong and Flexible Plastic. See link for details. Min wall thickness 0.7 mm. Min wire thickness 1.0 mm



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