Product Development


Biomorphic Ceramic Table Top Set

Lynn Lin


Potential product family:

  • A plate
  • A platter
  • A bowl
  • A cup
  • A saucer

Methodology: With my affection of biomimicry, inspirations are drawn from the nature: whether it’s a two dimensional pattern that follows the Fibonacci Sequence, or seemingly random three dimensional form.

Production: I have practiced slip casting where molds can be tricky when the form becoming complex. Shapeways offers a 3D printing in ceramic service that I have always wants to try, in finding the limitation of this production method. Last time when I talked to the staff, she said the way they do it is to 3D print the mold and have ceramic clay cast. It sounds promising to have all the intricate design realized and been able to reproduce.


  • Surfaces need to be solid
  • Shallow pattern for the ease of washing
  • Being able to work as combinations, i.e. the cup fits into the saucer
  • Uniformity in CMF, preferably white glazing



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