Mode Lab (Grasshopper) Tutorial

Vid 02


This first video was mainly to become familiar with the parameters and components in Grasshopper.

Vid 03


In this tutorial I was able to create geometry using reference points in Rhino

Vid 04


This tutorial also allowed me to create geometry using referenced points, namely a rectangle.

Vid 05


In this tutorial I created a set of corresponding connecting lines from two list. I was also able to specify the ways in which the lines are constructed if there was varying indices between the lists.

Vid 06


In this tutorial I was able to construct a sine curve by giving a value to “t” in this case x=sin(t)

Vid 07


In this tutorial I used the same ideas from the previous but this time creating an additional cosine curve, extending lines from corresponding points between the two curves and lofting it.

Vid 08


At this point I began to get confused, however I found it interesting to be able to use the Script_Expression Parameter to enter an equation for what you intend to express. The Voronoi function was cool in actually creating a pattern from the points created using the hexagon grid.

Vid 09


This is the point at which it all fell apart. I understood what was being taught however I somehow was not successful in execution. I think the narrator has a different version of grasshopper than me.

-Jamel Williams

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