WK2: Grasshopper Tutorials


Intro to Grasshopper 05: Learn how to match data

GH Worshop 5

intro to Grasshopper 06: Learn how to use  Algorithms to design the curve

GH Worshop 6

Intro to Grasshopper 07: Learn to do the spiral from the polar point and loft the surfaceGH Worshop 7

Intro to Grasshopper 08: This introduction is pretty fun. I learn how to use Voronoi to design the pattern. I also learned to use the Algorithms on the video to design the form. However, I am wondering how to relate the algorithms to the form I want to create. GH Worshop 8

Intro to Grasshopper 09: The attraction function is fun as well. However, I don’t understand why we need to add the graph mapper in this case since we have already use the number slider to control the field strength.  I also don’t really understand  the reason why we should click “flatten” in the left side of “bound” order (i.e. why choose flatten over other choices; why we don’t have to click “flatten” in the output side of “bound”). GH Worshop 9

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