Grasshopper Lessons W.2


From Lesson 04: I am still very confused by the Param Viewer Graphic fr the Graft Trees. I understand it visual represents the amount of data and the sources of each set of data, but I feel as if it confuses me further regarding the integrity of the data. I may see the data better numerically. I’m still not sure.


From Lesson 05: I like the “Path Mapper” parameter. It’s a consolidated function that allows you to test several ways to configure the data trees (flatten, Graft, Trim, Reverse, Null)

Also having two simultaneously allows one to test what the Tree will look like graphically with adding a Param Viewer.


From Lesson 06: With this lesson I tested the “Move” buttons to see how numbers in some specified domain affect the movement of the curve.


From Lesson 7: I found th DeBerp component interesting and compare it to the explode function in rhino to explode a mass to just get planar surfaces the mass was originally joined with. The Isotrim command allows you to create split divisions of the surfaces by some divisible value.

-Jamel Williams

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