Grasshopper Warmup

Workshop 1 – Recreate

Workshop 1 Recreation_Mod

This workshop seemed to be an introduction so I decided to recreate the functioning parts.

Workshop 2 – Modify

Workshop 2 Modify

For this workshop I used the points to create shapes and used some of the shapes as reference points to build additional shapes.

Workshop 2 Modify_2

I modified the existing points and created vertical lines from each point going in the vector direction “Z”

Workshop 3- Modify

Workshop 3 Modify

I used the existing line to create a pipe connected to a cylinder that I created from an existing point.

Workshop 4 – Modify and Repair

Workshop 4 Modify

For this workshop, the existing pipe and loft functions did not work. I added n additional pipe and loft function and extended wires to them and they worked. I also added an extrusion function from the existing lines.

-Jamel Williams

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