Parametric Inspiration

Texture Inspiration: 

Faceted Chair by Julian Mayor

Parametric_Texture by Julian Mayor

What fascinates me the most about this chair is its multi-faceted texture becoming functional. The “skin” becomes the structure and the form. And at the same time, it embodies a dual-textural quality that offers a contrast between the outer and inner conditions.


Aqua Tower by Jeanne Gang

Aqua Tower by Jeanne Gang

I like this example because the use of parametric technology goes hand in hand with the concept of the design. For an aqua tower such as this one, the textural and formal quality of the design resembles the natural quality of water, offering an organic but also modern interpretation of one of nature’s greatest elements.


Formal Inspiration:

The PortHole: Anamorphic Pavilion for the Living Architecture Festival by TOMA Architect

Parametric_Formal Quality

The formal quality of this pavilion offers an interesting illusion of an almost cloud-like structure. Thanks to the topographical design, an interesting relationship between solid and void is created through simple planks.


View Inspiration:

Sheer Wall by Jesse Pietilä

Parametric_Distorted View

This amazing installation plays on distortion of the view. It is also a perfect example of parametric design. The combination of the simple geometry of a triangle allows flexibility in the contraction and expansion of the pattern, making it possible to create different levels of density in relation to the scale of the human body.


Light Inspiration:

The following 3 examples all relate to diffused lighting created through the layering of planes. What they have in common is that they all offer depth to the seemingly flat planar surfaces. And through the use of light, a richer, fuller volume is outlined, creating a dreamlike moment that takes the users/audience onto a journey of experiencing the weight of the weightless.

SCAD Museum of Art by Sottile & Sottile and Lord Aeck Sargent

SCAD Museum of Art by Sottile & Sottile and Lord Aeck Sargent

Paper Space by Angela Glajcar

Paper Space by Angela Glajcar

Residence au Lac by Emilio Ambasz

Residence au Lac by Emilio Ambasz


As for the last inspirational example, I chose Group Zero artist Otto Piene’s Light Ballet. Similar to the previous 3 lighting examples, this piece also offers a dreamlike condition created through the use of diffused light. However, differ from the others, this piece strictly contains the light source (resembling a lighting fixture) and heavily relies on the projection of the perforated surface. Also, by incorporating the rotation of the surface, a dynamic light dance is created.

Light Ballet by Otto Piene

Otto Piene


By Tina Jin

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