Lumineer Precedent

2016-08-28 19_17_35-BLOWN lamp by Samuel Wilkinson with &tradition

This BLOWN glass lamp was designed by Samuel Wilkinson of London. He used a cast to create the lozenge design on the glass surface. I like it’s classic yet contemporary feel and also the pattern it creates in the space when illuminated.

BLOWN lamp by Samuel Wilkinson
for &tradition

Ceramic fold pendant lamp

This Ceramic Fold Pendant is aesthetically similar to the above lamp. I like the modernism of this one and also the use of an opaque material to allow focus on the surface design and light and spot lighting where necessary

Parameric Standing Lamp

This I interpret to be a Parametric Standing Lamp. I like the base design that is scaled up and down throughout the piece and assembled together to create a uniform figure. I also like the use of Florescent Bulbs in this piece because usually fluorescent fixtures are ugly and outdated to me. I can easily see this in many different lumineer forms.

Geometric Pendant

I love more than anything the pattern this Geometric Pendant gives off throughout the space. I enjoy the progression of apertures throughout the fixture from small to large.

Parametric lamp design Client_ Private Architects

This is a Parametric Lamp Design by an Architect named Marija Cipiseva of WE DO Architecture (Firm). I’m attracted to this fixture because it creates uniform lighting throughout the entire space with 2 emphasised areas which I’m guessing are created from stronger light sources within the fixture in that particular area. The glowing of the light and the shape of the fixture and the way it is hung in the space gives a cloud like feeling.

-Jamel Williams

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