2 major issues both involve using solid Boolean difference to (1)make fastener holes or (2)apertures. In the case for the the fastener hole, the holes that didn’t cut will remain a separate circle surface, and I can only assume it was joined into the module, because oddly the resulting Brep list will show that it contains 198 geometries(correct # of modules) instead of 198 plus the additional circle surface created.


aperature panel kink

Overall Model

Boolean Issue_1

(1) Aperture

Boolean Issue_2

(2) Fastener hole

Boolean Issue_2_1

(2) Baked Module as one

Boolean Issue_2_2

(2) Exploded Baked Module

Boolean Issue_2_3

(2) ZS Param Viewer data


Boolean Issue_2_4

(2) Same module’s unfolded lines, only have 2 holes instead of 4

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