Project II: Emily, Bin-Ting, Julie, Laura

Our group is considering the following for Project II: Light fenestration, suspension, and hexagonal geometry.

Over the weekend we individually looked at all the definitions that we brought for the midterm review. After sharing our definitions, we combined the strengths from each group member’s original ideas. Today we plan to look each individual further development based on our discussion last class to move forward with one solid definition based on the further advancements made over the weekend. (Included in other group member’s blog posts.)

Here one interpretation includes:

Below is an abstraction of the original definition of the hexagonal wall. The original parametric variations occurred in wall thickness, the aperture size, and hexagonal cell size.

In further development, I was able to design a quick surface  by lofting three curves and the applying the previously defined geometry and the box morph component to populate the NURBS surface with a geometric component. From there I was able to adjust the parameters by rotating the boxed geometry establishing various different brick-logic typologies.

variation options of structurevariation options defintion

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