Lyrical Tensegric Structures

Over the weekend I spent a lot of time working with some of the more physics oriented  plugins for grasshopper, while I didn’t create any forward progress on project 1 in the way I had hoped to, I did find that you are able to model tensegric structures using kangaroo. This got me thinking that for the final project I would like to create an outdoor tensegric structure for pratt’s campus.

At the beginning of my research I was under the illusion that freestanding tensile structures had to be of the form similar to the structure on campus. My original idea was to take this structure and through use of randomization and disorder try to give it a more organic feeling that is usually associated with such structures, similar to the images below


But after continuing my research I found that it was possible to create much more lyrical structures using tensile construction techniques:

The first image in particular is of interest to me. Such intricate patterns of solid compression elements not only create a unique formal quality, at a large scale they would also create astounding textural shadows. The video belowis a s imple but beautiful example: as are the following images:


And then a few quick sketches of my own:

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