The blind watchmaker, chapter 1 and 2

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 9.54.05 PM.png

I found this reading really helpful and approachable, It make me think how creatures of nature like us are design for a propose. Its really interesting how our mind works, and is difficult to understand for us things like chemistry that we cannot touch or see but we know are there because affect some things that we can touch and see.

I love the fact that everything created by the human mind is a lot less complex than even a cell of the human brain, and to understand how the watch maker of nature is the power of physics, at least by some theories.

Is particularly interesting how a human cartoon could be complex on its assembly, but there is a way to generate that creation and that it will work, with a creation of nature for example a wail would be impossible, just by the fact of assemble wail cells to generate a wail.

This made me think of grasshopper as a program to realize the internal organization of a 3d model, by the use of components.

I even found funny the comment that if you eat a steak you would be shedding the equivalent of more than 100 billion of encyclopedias britannica.

I like the fact that natural selection is the blind watchmaker and how the evolution of creatures is as the evolution in human made design, always better and more complex.

I like to think that evolution is a design problem that has been solved.

I found fascination the example about facial vision and how it works.

It helped to remind me that the best inspiration for design can come from nature itself, like that bats and radars.

I loved the idea that the human being is the only animal capable of thinking what would be like to have the characteristics of other animals, even that we don’t know how the hear or smell things for example the bats and how we cannot hear how the cry.

I found interesting to thing of living things as living machinery that has evolve thanks to natural selection, the survival of the best.

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