Meshing and combining breps issues

From the end of last class I was able to clean up my grasshopper definition to work with any open surface. I tried to experiment with surfaces that included 1 or more holes, and while 1 hole worked, the resulting brep was unsatisfactory, this change was uncessary however as casts or splints with holes would have to be built as a clam shell, so I could just split the 3d scan in 2 and run the definition twice. Below is a splint for the middle finger

para 3.5

As you can see from the picture I was able to fillet the voronoi diagrams to give the brace a more natural appearance similar to a leaf that I was looking for.I also staggered the diagrams on the exterior for better visual results.

In an attempt to create even more rounded natural structures I converted the brep to a mesh and tried to use a variety of smoothing techniques with weaverbird but this resulted in very poor geometry with every device that I tried. para 3.1para 3.2

I decided to forgo the smoothing techniques allowed by weaver bird and stay in nurbs geometry, and begin to create an .stl file to submit to shapeways for geometry testing.In order to get the model ready for this next step I played with the thickness of the finer voronoi pattern to find one that would be both beautiful and have adequate wall thickness for 3d printing. I enjoy the finer patterns but choose the model on the far right to test because I am afraid that the wall thickness will be too small for 3d printing.

para 3.4

This is where I began to run into problems. The join brep feature in my grasshopper definition didn’t function as I had hoped and the resulting brep was 3 separate breps rather than a joined singular one. I tried both join brep and solid union but neither was able to create what I was looking for.

I then tried to export the bodies as .iges files and combine them using solidworks, but this too ran into errors, although the topology transferred very nicelypara 3.3

My last attempt was to force the 3 brep bodies stacked in one .stl into a usable file using microsoft’s netfab but this to resulted in errors

para 3.7

I think that I will need to rebuild my model where I offset the surfaces, loft a surface between them and join those surfaces to become breps instead of extruding along the Z axis, as I think this created some 0 thickness geometry or something of the like.

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