Parametric truss tutorials, grasshopper primer 1.5-1.6,the library of the form.


Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 2.11.43 PM.png

I learn how to achieve better organization in my grasshopper file also at first I didn’t underrated about  the client and server but then I did.

I s really interesting how to divide surfaces but I would like to know if is the same case with a polysurface object.

I get to understand better data trees, how to hide objects and use it for my advantage.

To me the generation of a material was really interesting and also use area gradients to render the lowest and heist surfaces.


Grasshopper primer 1.5-1.6

Helped me to understand better data trees and domains.

How and when to use graft, simplify and flatter.

How meshes are generated and that the order of vertex is really important for the desire outcome.

The normals of the faces is still in my mind a little bit confusing or at least how to manipulate them.

I found really helpful the part about the difference between mesh and nurves, and really interesting the command weld, smooth and unweld.


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