GH Primer 0.1, 0.2, 1.1 & 1.2, Design Fundamentals and Intro to GH

Week 01 [Readings and ModeLab Videos]:

The Grasshopper Primer readings 0.1 & 0.2 gave a brief overview of what the program does, technical information and history of the plug-in. ModeLab’s pinterest board called “Grasshopper in Action” was awesome to look through to see what is possible.

Grasshopper Primer 1.1 was a dry but essential to learning about Grasshopper’s general interface and where feature items are located.


Grasshopper Primer 1.2 (along with the ModeLab Parametric Design Fundamentals youtube videos) was very, very helpful in understanding what Grasshopper lets you do but more importantly how and why the program works. Understanding the anatomy of a Grasshopper definition and the difference between parameters and components seem crucial to being able to work in GH.


The ModeLab Parametric Design Fundamentals YouTube videos helped me be able to explain to people what Parametric Design is – which I was previously unable to do. The parametric principles showed the work flow behind designing using parametrics and how an endless amount of iterations can be produced from one beginning concept and definition.


The ModeLab Intro to Grasshopper videos reinforced and further explored the concepts from the Grasshopper Primer readings.

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