Parametric Design Fundamentals, Intro to grasshopper 1-10, Grasshopper prime 1.1-1.2

This reading helped me to understand a little bit the interface of grasshopper, how to organize the components,how grasshopper is connected to rhino and that you have to bake it to generate a real geometry in rhino, but at the same time you have the parameters in grasshopper if you want to change it or create a different one.

Also I learned how to save files and the importance of save the grasshopper and rhino files together, and how they are different.

It helped me to understand the components and how they connect. How different colors like orange and grey have a different meaning, and also why the wires are different depending on the information that is flowing.

The parametric design fundamentals video helped me to understand better what is parametric design and how data is used to generate it.

Helped me to understand how with mathematical expressions  we can generate different geometries with the option of changing variables.

Also was interesting how different geometries are actually different mathematical expression like a circle and a wave.

The video Intro to grasshopper Mode Lab Helped me to understand better what the grasshopper primer reading.

Helped me to understand better how Rhino and Grasshopper work together.

The different exercises helped me to get familiar to the interface, different tabs and components.

I start to understand different objects and tools in grasshopper, it helped me to understand how lists are generated and how the information flows.


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