Data trees ect!

Working through these exercises has been pretty helpful. I did realize that in my version of grasshopper, curve has been renamed Nurbs, and there is a portion of 2-06 that is not working in the example. There is one question that I have, in most of the examples the graft has a D on one side and a T on the other, I can only get mine to be T on both sides. This did seem to result in a very slightly different tree structure on one of the examples but did not seem to be a big deal otherwise.

Reading: On splines

It’s very interesting to learn about the evolution of splines, and the industries that drive them. I also found it interesting that the major breakthroughs came at the intersection of complex mathematics and classic mechanical systems, much like good product design


I also created a few early concept drawings, in my finals I would expect the patterning to be much more detailed and intricate

In addition to the drawings I was able to find a 3d scan of the body and isolate 1 arm

para arm

This weeks grasshopper primer I found much more informative. While most of the concepts were review from the other homework, the grasshopper “devices” that they used and the application of the concepts that we have begun to work with was really eye opening. I knew that all of these things could be done with the program but not that they were as simple as shown in these diagrams. At times I was a little confused as to the “why” of all of the examples working the way that they do but I think that this will come as I become more comfortable with the program.


I work with shapeways very often at my job at final frontier design, so I did not do more research into materials than I have done in the past. I really do like the look of there metal products but I think that a plastic would be more appropriate to my application. I may use an acrylic plastic, or print from another vendor that has shorter lead times and more options from 3D hubs

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